Page 5: Synchronicity

 Synchronicity is a concept, coined by the GOAT Carl Jung, describing certain coincidences that seem to occur “randomly” in life. I can offer an example of this from my own experiences. During college, I found myself ordering groups of books from the local library, in hopes of checking them out for a few weeks. One day, I decided to randomly drop into the library, just to browse and see if I could find anything else. As I step past the doors of the building, I instantly receive a phone call from the same library, saying my books are ready to be picked up. This coincidence surprised me, to say the least. It seems that when we put certain intentions out into the world, our outer life begins to align with those thoughts and ideas we’ve begun to put our energy into. 
Since beginning our mission, here at 2o9, the energy we’ve received, in response to the vision, has been beyond amazing. Within 24 hours of sharing out our ideas through social media, meetings began to be made for funding, donations began to come in for materials, and most importantly, those key relationships began to form, only increasing the momentum from one simple idea! Like most things in life, all we can do is take it one day at a time, putting one foot in front of the next. But, over time, those single steps turn into the journey. 
Begin with the inner intention, decide to put energy into that belief, and watch for certain coincidences in your outer life that affirm those thoughts and ideas! When synchronicity occurs, and your outer life begins aligning with your inner life, follow those signs! 
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“From nothing, to something, to everything.”