The2o9 Podcast Episode 1: Nipsey Hussle The Great

Unfortunately, current circumstances has forced many of us to pause and take a step back from our regular lives. Due to the recent economic hardship many of us have felt, either directly or through family and friends, as a brand, we've decided to postpone progress on our Futsal Facility and Debut Collection for when the clouds of COVID-19 begin to clear up.

To help combat these tough times, we've started a podcast called The2o9. This podcast is a careful curation of interview snippets from the greatest minds in sports, business and entertainment. Our first episode, in honor of The Marathon, is a compilation of wisdom from artist/entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle. 8 minutes of energy for the batteries in all of our backs. 

"I'm prolific, so gifted.

I'm the type that gon' go get it

No kidding."

-Nipsey Hussle